Natural NVC - Keeping it real

25 Jan 2019, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Tbc, Motueka, New Zealand Map

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People can become so enthusiastic when they first learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC) that they immediately try to use everywhere and on everyone! This can lead people to react to the model being 'done to them' and they can become very suspicious of NVC. Some responses could be: “Don’t use this NVC stuff on me.”, “You sound like a robot”, or “Why can’t you just be straight up with me?”. People new to NVC can fall in love with what it can bring to their lives. They attribute the magic to the model and to using the 'correct' words, rather than to the shift in consciousness.

This workshop will serve as an entry point to developing a more natural use of NVC, one that is connective rather than polarising. A 6 week online course will follow this workshop to support the integration and shift from head to heart.

Topics that will be covered in this afternoon session include:
- Adapting Feelings and Needs Lists
- Explore how to embed Needs in a full sentence, rather than just one word.
- Identify and Drop repeated "Jargon" from your language .
- Translate judgments naturally.
- Differentiate between 'doing' empathy and 'being' in a state of compassion.
- How to Integrate the principles so language is expressed honestly and naturally
- Break free from automatic formats and words.

This workshop is facilitated by certified NVC Trainer, Anna Groves and Rob ten Broeke.
Anna runs workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Europe and Bali. She brings a wealth of experience as a facilitator of groups and a deep passion for living the NVC principles. Anna is a trained teacher, dancer, singer/songwriter, and mother of three (17, 22, 30yrs). She lives on the Kapiti Coast with her husband, Rob, a NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and musician. Rob will offer his music and experience working with the body-mind connection. Rob is devoted to living an honest life and supporting others to do the same, expressing truth directly but with care.

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